The focus of our services

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MindFit is a one of a kind place for young people who share a common love for gaming and desire to make new friends. We encourage folks to practice social skills in a safe, welcoming, community environment. We also provide an opportunity for clinicians who are trained on new and emerging approaches to mental health therapy that include the use of technology to share the resources needed to effectively do their work. Specifically, Dr. Rob Rice and Julie Cenzi have developed a model for providing effective mental health counseling services to young people interested in technology and its many benefits to mental health.

All of the services we provide

  • Individual Psychotherapy

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    Strength-based approaches to therapy for young people with various mental health issues related to anxiety, OCD, and ASD are provided. Individual psychotherapy is offered from an integrated perspective using approaches influenced primarily by cognitive behavioral and narrative therapies, as well as principles of applied behavior analysis. Lower-cost options with graduate level interns in mental health counseling are also available.

  • OCD Consultations

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    A five-session consultation to assess obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). We teach skills based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychophysiological self-regulation (PSR), and construct exposure and response prevention (ERP) plan. We provide written recommendations to primary therapist or other health care provider for continued progress.

    This service is for children and adolescents who demonstrate repetitive behaviors that have been resistant to first line treatment approaches. OCD consultations are intended to provide an enhanced level of care when a person’s repetitive behavior is especially complex and difficult to support by the primary therapist alone.

  • Functional Assessment and Behavior Services

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    We conduct functional analysis to determine the unmet needs that motivate behavior and offer development of behavior support plans to help teach alternative behaviors. Accommodations are available.

  • Mental Health Consultation and Training

    A biofeedback machine that measures physical changes in your body
    A biofeedback machine that measures physical changes in your body

    Upon request, MindFit will provide short-term consultations for specific issues including:

    • Mental health in educational settings
    • Games for health
    • Program evaluation
    • Clinical supervision and training
  • Wellness Activities and Classes

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    Mindfulness training for athletes and teams.

  • Gamer Groups​ and Clubs

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    • MindFit 101

      Kids and adolescents structured social skills group (6 weeks). This is the group to help build social skills prior to joining Gamer Club.

    • MindFit 201

      This is an opportunity to dive deeper into social skills (6 weeks). We will work on what makes a good friend, learn to communicate feelings, and much more.

    • Gamer Club for Teens

      Gaming and social group for teens.

    • Gamer Club for Adults

      Gaming and social group for adults.


If you wish to sign up for one of our many clubs and programs, please contact us!

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