About Us

About Us


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MindFit Mental Health provides strength-based individual and group mental health counseling services using cutting edge technology to help young people learn and practice skills in self-regulation, mindfulness, and positive thinking.


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MindFit Mental Health uses a model for the integration of interactive games and media with mental health care for young people, promoting a more proactive and engaging approach to building resilience and self-efficacy.

Core Values

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We use a collaborative approach to therapy that positions the family as the expert in their own care.


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We believe that a person’s strength will help them achieve their goals. We also believe that you can learn more about problems and how to work through them by focusing on strengths and the moments of competence.


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We believe that it is more effective to focus on where our clients want to go in their lives as opposed to focusing on the problems that brought them there. At MindFit, “problems” are reframed as “constraints to moving forward.”

Making a Positive Impact

My family has been connected with MindFit since 2017 when my son was starting middle school. Thanks to the work of Dr. Rice and his team of counselors, my son is now a very successful junior in high school. MindFit helped him learn how to deal with his anxiety in a manner that has allowed him to be successful both academically and socially.

We reconnected with MindFit this past fall when my daughter began having some similar struggles as a high school student. MindFit has taught her many different coping strategies, and more importantly, has helped her understand what anxiety is and what tools can help. This learning has given her the ownership and skills she needs to better manage her anxiety.

Lastly, as a middle school special education teacher, MindFit is my go-to place when referring families for additional mental health support. They are especially skilled at working with students who struggle with social skills and the impacts of various mental health issues. I have seen firsthand the amazingly positive impact they have on our middle school and high school students.


Video Games in Psychotherapy

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Dr. Gene McCabe’s feedback on Dr. Rob Rice’s book, Video Games in Psychotherapy:

Although there are too many “how to” books on the market today, there are very few books that balance theory and practice coherently. This book provides both a contemporary theoretical foundation based in a narrative understanding of human behavior (as old as cave drawings) and specific techniques to match the interests of today’s youth and facilitate change.

Any practicing child/family therapist knows that video gaming is the predominant, sometimes obsessive focus of today’s youth. This book provides a coherent and meaningful integration of theory and therapeutic action via generous case studies which makes it indispensable for frontline therapists working with youth. Fortunately for the reader, Dr. Rice is a natural born storyteller, so his writing is engaging and digestible- just the way video games are to youth.